...a fresh experience, drawing upon the traditions set by games such as Diablo and Torchlight
— VRFocus

First Machine learning-Powered VR RPG. Fight Against Cognitive Monsters In A Roguelike Fantasy World

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Machine Learning-Powered cognitive Monsters 

An engrossing VR experience using machine learning technology. The monsters in Edge of Atlantis will learn from your movement pattern to adjust their fighting strategies, parry, dodge, and even combo their moves. While you are growing your skills, so are your enemies...

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A Roguelike Open-World Adventure with Dynamic Events

Journey through various inter-dimensional magical realms. Every play-through will be a fresh experience filled with dynamic events in a procedurally generated game world. Participate in and experience quest events in the world as they happen around you, and see the world change and respond to your actions.

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Survive Permadeath

Level your character, get new skills, obtain unique weapons, and unlock new worlds. Complete quests, collect resources, and craft food, potions, items and weapon to survive in a dangerous fantasy world.

Meaningful permadeath is optional in our game, but we want to allow players who decide to play with the hardcore permadeath mode to have the ability to revive an old save by means of completing a revival quest on a new permadeath character.

With its permadeath system and emphasis on exploration, it could be a game with high replayability
— UploadVR
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Truly Physics-based Combat

Battle through endless hordes of diverse life-size monsters. Strike your foes with ferocity and precision to maximize your damage through the power of physics. Learn to read the movement of your enemies to block/parry incoming attacks and time your counters.

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I played through the entire demo. I have to say it has to be the BEST combat experience I have encountered in ANY RPG VR game. The block mechanic is really well implemented. At one point in the demo I had one of the bat guys fly overhead and they attacked from above, so I had to block him with the shield over my head. It really gave me a “f*ck that is cool moment”. I use the f word because I am pretty sure I said it out loud. That exact sentence.
— Kickstarter Backer

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