[Video] Alpha Build 0.0.25 Updates

Happy Friday, everyone! 

    We have uploaded Alpha Build 0.0.25 today. So far, the highest level achieved among our testers is level 10, usually after spending more than four hours playtime. We are really thankful for all the great feedback we've received.

    We are still balancing the classes and monsters to create a better sense of character progression and make combat more fun but challenging as you level up.

    As part of the update check out a video of Ren trying very hard to smash our bug list. 


    Here are more updated details for the latest build:

    • Monsters now better collaborate with each other to fight against the player.
    • Added different visible player body models to each class for improved immersion.
    • Players are able to enter the portal either by touch, click or walking into it.
    • New more immersive hand model updated
    • Made arrows visible on the bow body to avoid arrow and bow use confusion. Fixed a bowstring bug so it can be more easily pulled by touch.

    Bugs and fixes

    • Fixed belt following and position snapping when players turn around
    • Fixed a save game bug that occasionally caused monsters to not load in dungeons
    • Reduced lagging to certain areas of the game

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend!


    Creality Team

    Yoshi Liz