Alpha Build 0.1.36 Updates

Happy Easter, everyone! 

This week has been a big week with many new updates to the game.

We’ve made major class re-balancing to make every class feel very different, with different class progressions. It has been a balancing act to add flexibility as players find new and better loot. All classes in our game have the ability to wield every single weapon type available. Weapon random enchants are linked and affected by other enchants and class talents one way or another as well. We hope this will build a lot of flexibility for players to experiment with.

We’ve also improved weapon enchantment graphics and will be adding more weapon spells and skills as we update the game.

We added a new starting area -- Crimson desert maps, which are completely different biomes and offer a unique experience compared to the Crystalus forests.

The crafting wiki was implemented in the game now. Players can look up the wiki to craft different recipes.


Bugs and Fixes:

Item icons missing is a known bug and we’re working around the clock to fixing it.

Yoshi Liz