Alpha Build Release

Hi everyone,  

We are so excited to tell you we have finished the alpha build of Edge of Atlantis. We are super thankful for all your support and patience. It has been a longer than anticipated journey, but we believe it will be worth it.  

ALPHA RELEASE banner.png

Here’s a summary of what’s included in our alpha:   


Procedurally generated dungeons were added and linked together with the open world now. There are 3 dungeon locations added at the moment: a beginning dungeon with 2 levels, an intermediate dungeon with 4 levels, and a longer dungeon with 8 levels. The dungeons are randomly generated on each new character playthrough.   


Five classes have been implemented to the alpha: Druid, Mage, Hunter, Paladin, and VAMPIRE.  

The vampire class is a new pure melee class, that excels in prolonged fights and two hand weapon combat.  

We have added character progression with new powers to unlock when the player levels up.  


Weapons are procedurally generated now. They can sometimes cast magic (that also synergize with your talents), and have varying stat bonuses and combat utilities.  

Weapon Skills:  

We have added skills to some weapons, and are still working on adding more. Weapon magic effects should stack with character talents, and we will add more.  

Survival Mechanics:

We’ve added stamina to the game, which drains periodically over time. When it reaches zero, the player’s health will begin to drain. So it’ll be a good idea to stock up on food and potions to prepare for a long trip.  


Some crafting recipes were added, but we don’t have a recipe Wikipedia available now. You could experiment with it at this stage. Items won’t be lost if the crafting doesn’t succeed for now.  

We also introduced campfires which regenerate mana. The recipe is 1 red crystal and 3 branches.  

Secret Surprise:

You might find some of the monsters are very smart and tricky. We’ll leave the secret to you to discover in the alpha...  

Things we are working on…  

Fully Customized Characters:

The more your character grows, the more abilities your character unlocks with different weapons. All classes will not only be able to use all weapons but also excel at those fitting to the profession’s theme and play style. The mage class can cast spells without weapons   

You can forge a fully customized character by freely combo any of the class talents & skills, magic spells, and weapon skills. We’ll write another blog post to tell you more about it later.  

Kickstarter Rewards: 

We’ve created the Kickstarter reward art assets and will be implementing them into the game soon.


We have finished designing the quests and questing system, but haven’t implemented them with the rest of the game into the alpha yet.  


We have implemented our original soundtrack, but two small pieces haven’t been implemented yet.

In the next few days  

Over the weekend, we’ve uploaded our build on Steam and sent our key request out, and are super excited to send them out to our Kickstarter backers (Contributors' Gold Pack Tiers and up) for the Alpha testing and move forward with the game. We can’t wait to continue making more fun stuff for the game together! 

Thank you all again for the support you’ve given us on this exciting journey! 


Creality Team

Yoshi LizComment