Dev Update: Combat and Movement

Hi everyone,

In this video, we'd like to elaborate and discuss in detail about our current systems and how it influences the design of our weapons.


Combat Design

We've added a lot of detail to allow players who mastered their weapons to be able to time and dodge/block attacks and have an immersive combat experience.

Faster, Harder, More damage

All weapons are designed with a base damage depending on the physical size of the weapon. How hard your swing will determine how much damage you do on top of your base damage.

  • When you hold your weapon still in front of you, it’ll only deal a little bit of damage initially and no damage afterward 
  • When you swing your weapon, you’ll do damage based on the force of your swing, a harder and faster attack will do more damage than a slow and light attack


In order to make our combat more meaningful and immersive. We’ve put a lot of work into defining the block and parry mechanics

  • First, you can block any attack simply by holding the weapon in front of you, because all attacks in our game use hitboxes. 
  • This also means enemies can attack you from different directions depending on their move sets
  • Different weapons give you different block values with smaller weapons being generally weaker in defense
  • If the block is timed right, you’ll perform a parry 
  • Parrying increases the overall block value with an additional block bonus
  • The harder your swing while parrying, the higher the block bonus 
  • A perfectly well-timed parry with a hard swing also gives you a dodge window bonus that allows you to evade other attacks in combat

Shield mechanic

 With a shield you’ll be able to block/parry, attack and bash to push back enemies.

  • Block by holding the shield in front of you 
  • The longer your hold, more damage will be blocked for each incoming attack 
  • You can also use your shield as a weapon to bash and push back enemies 
  • Also, you can parry with your shield, though it’ll be harder to pull off

Moving System

In our movement system, player locomotion is handled incrementally like steps to avoid motion sickness. We found this a lot more comfortable than sliding.

You can move by simply holding your weapon in the desired direction and click the move button

In our game, weapons have weight and can change your movement speed. For example, a dagger may allow you to move faster than an axe.

When you have a magical weapon, such as a staff or wand, you can move by using the teleport feature. This is a good way to travel long distances and avoid difficult terrain and traps.


So, how does this all come together? With this combat system, we are able to design unique and fun weapon mechanics.

For example, we wanted to make the dagger, a short range weapon with obvious short-comings, fun to use and fit both the thief and mage themes well

Our design: 

  • The dagger is designed with higher movement speed, allowing the player to move in and out of combat quickly 
  • It follows a high risk, high reward design 
  • Hits give a short dodge window, as well as a higher physics based damage bonus
  • The added movement bonus allows you to physically dodge enemy attacks in a pinch 
  • The dagger does have its weakness, it has a lower base damage and relies on speed and execution for a higher damage output. It also has a much lower defense rating, making attacks and perfect parries its most viable defensive option
  • These mechanics builds into the theme of daggers being a great tool for fighting one on one combat, small groups of monsters and a fun, high skill, and risk-reward option against bosses 
  • It’s design also adds to the melee fighter’s toolkit for those looking to use it for its dodge capabilities and movement bonuses


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