Dev Update: Fully Customized Characters

You can forge a fully customized character by freely combo any of the class talents & skills, magic spells, and weapon skills.


There are 1000+ magical, melee and ranged procedurally enchanted weapons with weapon skills

Deep and meaningful magical combat:

You can use your environment, hurl boulders, light fires, and rain destruction on your enemies. Acquire conjuring spells to summon powerful magical allies to your aid, master the elemental forces, and create unique magical combos and strategies to outsmart your enemies.

Find A Class That Fits Your Style: Druid, Mage, Paladin, Vampire and Hunter

The more your character grows, the more abilities your character unlocks with different weapons. All classes will not only be able to use all weapons but also excel at those fitting to the profession’s theme and play style.

Yoshi Liz